Fresh Eggs

All our egg are stand-outs. Fresh. Tasty. And passionately cared about from farm to table. Look out for them in your supermarket. You’ll find them unmissable, especially once you try ‘em.

Free Range Eggs

We pride ourselves on our variety of free range eggs. From boutique, single farms to larger free range enterprises, our hens are free to roam.

Pink Eggs

These eggs aren’t actually pink. They’re cage free. It’s just the McGrath Foundation benefits from every carton sold.

Cage Laid Eggs

We care about the welfare of all our hens. So we take particular care with their environment, light and feed.

Egg Products

We’re always striving to make life easier. So we offer everything from pre-prepared egg products and wholesale ingredients, to yummy ready-to-eat dishes. Plus, many of our products can be made from free range eggs. Whatever form our quality egg products take, one thing is constant: at the heart of everything we produce, are pure Farm Pride eggs, just with added convenience.

For all wholesale enquiries, please contact us